BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #17 With Ashley Delp and Emily Petroff With The Ashley Delp Team

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In this unique episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast, Tiffany Youngren interviews two unique individuals from a top producing team. She welcomes business partners Ashley Delp Broker/Owner and Emily Petroff Owner/Director of Operations of the Ashley Delp Team and Dream Realty. Here they discuss what it means to be a visionary or integrator, and how having both can fuel your team’s success.

Ashley starts off by saying that her career has always been led by her drive for wanting more. She loves sales and growing and succeeding, which makes real estate great for her. Emily says that she has a passion for helping people create and grow businesses that they love. Co-owning a successful real estate team has been quite the adventure. Listen to the podcast or read on as the two discuss what they have learned and are still learning along the way.

Visionary or Integrator? How Two Come Together For Success

Two women co-owning a dream team has worked well for Emily and Ashley. They each have clear roles, where Ashley is in production as a licensed agent and broker, and Emily works on the business and helps make sure everything runs smoothly.

They start off by saying that a book they love that has helped them understand their roles is Rocket Fuel. Emily is the integrator, while Ashley is the visionary.

Visionary or Integrator? Your Team Should Have Both

As a visionary, Ashley has big ideas and isn’t sure if they can work or how they will work. She gives them to Emily, the integrator, and she finds a way to implement them into the office. She finds a way to make sure each idea has a goal and has boxes to check off along the way.

Ashley and Emily have had a working relationship for years. Emily was coaching Ashley for a number of years and they become friends before they decided to run a business together. They joke that they have dated a long time before getting married.

What really makes their partnership work, however, is that they have almost exact opposite skill sets. They have a natural organic dynamic of switching between leading and following and making sure that their strengths are being utilized. Another thing that makes the team work well together is an environment that promotes authenticity and honesty.

Growth Includes Both Personally and Professional

Working on yourself as well as working on your business is so important for overall growth. The Ashley Delp Team is committed to personal growth. They are constantly making sure that they are a team that wants to grow. Which means pushing each other outside of their comfort zones and not getting upset over things that don’t matter.

The foundation of their business is personal growth. From working on themselves by building their confidence or making sure they are doing to help them be a better person, personal growth is a core part of the team. Without that inner growth, business growth will much more difficult.

Real Estate Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint

It is so easy to get wrapped up into the next transaction and on an on, and it could feel like you’re sprinting with all your might. The probably is that succeeding in this way is FUN. But Emily and Ashley warn you to take a breather and make sure that you don’t work so hard that you wake up one day and your life is over.

Just like running a marathon, you need to pace yourself if you want to make it to the finish line. It might feel really fun right now, but you might end up getting burnt out and tired.

Is Your Team Helping You Optimize Your Strengths?

Ashley and Emily talk about how they have personal one on one coachings in the office. One of their agents had been struggling with sales, and had gone to Ashley for advice. She gave him lots of ideas of what he could do to increase his business, things that she loves to do. So he came into the coaching meeting and said that he tried all of those things. However, none of those things are things that he was good at or things he enjoyed, and they weren’t working for him.

And though Ashley is amazing at what she does, if every person on the team tried to be her, they would end up hating the job. What are you already good at? What are your strengths that we can optimize?

There is no one size fits all strategy for growing a real estate business. Sometimes we build a database on referrals alone, others are strictly one and done new buyers. When Ashley and Emily bring new agents in, they spend time figuring out what their strengths on so they can build on that and make sure they are utilizing those strengths. Regardless of whether you’re a visionary or integrator, knowing your strengths will help you grow much faster.

Expanding Your Comfort Zone Is Easier With A Team

Honing in on your strengths and expanding your comfort zone is easier when you have a solid team surrounding you. The Ashley Delp Team loves to make sure that each member is doing what they love to do and doing what they are best at. They are also very aware of what each other’s comfort zones are, and helping each other push those boundaries every once in a while.

If you’re too uncomfortable, you won’t grow, and if you’re too comfortable, you won’t grow. Find a balance and do the hard stuff with your team. They give the example of how once a month they do a call night. Cold calling isn’t that fun, so they do it as a team. Everyone comes into the office, they buy dinner, they have drinks, and they bust out the calls they need to make together.

Growth is painful, and not always easy, but a good team and a good coach will help you push through the pain and succeed.

Personal Growth Is One Of The Best Things For Real Estate Success

If Ashley and Emily could make their agents do one thing that would transform their business, the first thing that comes to mind is lead generation. Obviously, lead gen is important, but working on yourself is one of the best things you can do for real estate growth. You have to be willing to become better as a person, as a business professional, as a friend – whatever.

It comes down to what are you doing to be the best version of yourself. Are you going to the gym? Are you building your confidence? Can you spend more time helping out in the community? It’s important to make sure you are working on yourself as a whole. The work is never done. It is a journey, not a destination.

Scripts Might Be One Of The Most Underutilized Tools In The Real Estate Industry

It doesn’t matter if you’re a visionary or integrator, anyone can benefit from using scripts. Most people don’t use scripts because they don’t want to sound fake or robotic. Whether you’re using written scripts or not, you’re saying the same things over and over to clients.

Find out what is working for you and create a script out of that. It doesn’t have to be somebody else’s script. And on the flip side, other people’s scripts can be very helpful in helping create a dialogue with clients that you can cater to your own voice.

If you’re new to real estate, and you’re not sure where to get scripts, there are a few things you can do.

  • Base your scripts off of some of your favorite coaches or others that are killing it in the industry that you admire.
  • Go to seminars and utilize free script sources online.
  • Record yourself when you’re out with clients or on the phone and develop scripts based on things you already catch yourself saying over and over.

Find A Method Of Lead Gen That You Are Good At And Then DO NOT STOP

Find one or two methods of lead generation that you’re good at. If you’re good at open houses, do at least three open houses a month. Are you great at networking? Go to every single networking event you can. If you find something you’re good at that works, go out and do them, and DO NOT STOP.

Before you give up on a lead gen strategy, make sure you are allotting enough time to make sure that you are reaping the seeds you are planting. Don’t just waste your money on random lead strategy, find something that works and then keep at it!

Focus On Yourself And Your Team And Reap The Benefits

Is your real estate team growing people for the better or just focused on the monetary gain? Ashley shares how she has spent the last year really focused on personal growth and how as a result she has had the best year of her life. Though she maybe didn’t make as much money as she had when she didn’t have a team and was just focused on transactions, the year ultimately was better for her.

Ashley and Emily talk about how they want to help train up people in their team so that when its time for them to move on, they are better people than when they started. Surrounding yourself with a team that is growing and succeeding makes this business much more rewarding. Developing and empowering team members adds another level of purpose to the business, and ultimately leads to more success.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Ashley Delp, Broker/Owner

Emily Petroff, Owner/Directors of Operations

The Ashley Delp Team and Dream Realty

Business partners Ashley Delp Broker/Owner and Emily Petroff Owner/Director of Operations of the Ashley Delp Team and Dream Realty are a dream team. With Ashley as the Visionary, and Emily as the Integrator, they have created a top producing team that is focused on both personal and professional growth.