BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #30 With Ty Bergman, Broker of Bergman Properties in Marina del Rey, California

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This episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features host Tiffany Youngren interviewing Ty Bergman, Broker of Bergman Properties in Marina del Rey California. Though Ty was born in London, he moved to the U.S. at the age of 7 and lived in Encino, California until after high school. At just 18 years old, he got his real estate license alongside his father, who has been working with him ever since. They got their start in the industry working closely with developers in Marina Del Rey in the Silver Strand. Both Ty and his dad have been able to build their careers right there on the beach.

Getting his license so young and being introduced to a high luxury area helped Ty get his feet wet in the industry right away. But nothing prepares you for creating great business more than life experience, and he is a jump in kind of person. Real estate has become a passion for him, and including his family has been a dream. Just in the last few years, he’s gotten married and now has two young children and he is embracing his role as a hardworking family man. 

Listen now as Ty Bergman talks about how he’s established his superpowers over the years and grown his career by being strategic.

Ways That Ty Bergman Builds Trust, Strategies, and Success 

Being Personable Is Ty Bergman’s Number One SuperPower

Something that Ty says right off the bat when it comes to his superpower is that you have to find common ground. He likes to connect with the client a little bit before just immediately jumping into price and logistics. Who in your sphere do you have in common with them. What about their lifestyle can connect them to you. Building their trust will help make the entire transaction smoother. 

Prove to your client that you care, they don’t necessarily care about how much you know. 

Mindset Is Always A Factor In Success

In terms of mindset, Ty Bergman talks about how every agent has to be ready to put themselves out there. This is an industry where only a few succeed. There aren’t many people making million dollar deals, but what is holding you back from being one of those agents? In tough times, great agents will find a way to put deals together. Those agents are hungry and are willing to hustle, because they don’t accept the minimum. 

Being willing to put yourself out there and being ready to learn from mistakes along the way will help you stand out from the rest. 

It’s Hard To Stay Relevant In Real Estate

When asked about what tips or habits that Ty Bergman could pass on in regards to mindset and growing, he says you should lean into your connections. In a digital age, everyone is all about facebook and instagram. And though those things are important, Ty says that not many homes are being sold because of instagram. They are being sold by following up with your sphere of influence. Networking and making real connections with people is how you close deals. 

Being relevant and top of mind is really important in this industry, you can’t just hide behind technology and social media. Though it’s a lot of work, Ty recommends putting in the hours and grinding. Technology should enhance your relationships, not replace them. 

Negotiation Should Be Your Strength

When it comes to gaining more clients, negotiation should be on your list of skill sets. Ty Bergman says that he has had people come to him because they heard of his reputation as a great negotiator. He has earned trust from clients and they refer him to others because of his willingness to go to bat for them. 

One tip he has learned on his path to success in real estate is to listen more to your client. Saying less can enable you to better understand your client’s needs. There will always be different tactics, but knowing what to say and how to say it will get your results. It comes down to how can you best help your clients.

Passion Topic: Be Strategic

Ty discusses with Tiffany why he thinks it’s important to have a strategy. He sees new agents who come to LA all the time because they think it’s a great market. And it is – but if you don’t know anyone and you don’t have a plan, you’re not going to be successful. 

The stronger agents know exactly how they are going to make connections, reach new people, and build their reputation. Start off each day with a plan that you know will help you reach your goals if you want to make a successful career in real estate.

Successful People Exercise In The Morning

Something that Ty Bergman does each morning is get in an “hour of power.” It’s something that sets him up for daily success. Because when he doesn’t, he is more prone to fatigue and that comes across in his work. Letting out frustrations through exercise and giving himself that mental boost of exercise is something that has helped him in his business. Tiffany says that throughout most of the podcast episodes she’s either hosted or listened to, the common thread between successful people is that they work out.

Ty goes on to say that successful people aren’t lazy. They have this drive to succeed and are motivated, which comes across in their work outs and in their businesses.

Rapid Fire Answers

Time Blocking: Appointment Calendar

Favorite Technology: New Compass App, coming soon feature

Best CRM: Contactually

Sales Pipeline Management: A Good Escrow Office and Transaction Coordinator

Favorite Podcast: Joe Rogan Podcast

Overall Mentor: Joyce Rey, Chris Cortazzo, Robert Kiyosaki

Real Estate Teacher/Coach: His father

Most Underrated Resource: ZIMAS


Ty Bergman approaches a lot of situations with the investor mindset. How we can turn things around and make it more valuable then when we started? He also says that the role of real estate agents are changing. Real estate agents are no longer the one stop shop for all things home related, clients have the internet to teach them things. Instead, agents are falling more into that advisor role, where they have the experiences to help give advice and lead people in the right direction. 

Rather than just making deals and buying and selling houses, they are instead education clients on finances and helping them make better decisions.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Ty Bergman, Broker

Bergman Properties in Marina del Rey

Ty Bergman is the Broker of Bergman Properties in Marina del Rey California. Though Ty was born in London, he moved to the U.S. at the age of 7 and lived in Encino, California until after high school. At just 18 years old, he got his real estate license alongside his father, who has been working with him ever since.