BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #33 With Ryan Chiodo, License Partner and Real Estate Advisor with at Engel & Volkers Naples in Florida

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To become the best you have to do more than what is expected of you. In this episode of the Breakaway Agent Podcast, you’re going to meet Ryan Chiodo, a Real Estate Advisor at Engel & Völkers from Florida who has closed over 1 billion dollars in real estate in 17 years.

You’re going to learn about what he does to achieve success in business and with his client as he shares his knowledge with us. His education, professionalism, experience and extensive learning enabled him to prove to his clients with remarkable service in all aspects of real estate.

After receiving his license as a Realtor and Broker, he decided to finally set up his very own Real Estate Firm. Learn how you can serve your clients better by Ryan’s example as you listen to this episode!

How Ryan Closed Over $1 Billion In Real Estate

Throughout his career, Ryan has a proven track record for selling over a billion dollars. In the past 17 years, he has become an esteemed relator and has been highly regarded by his clients and professionals in the field. 

He achieved this milestone by doing what is right for his clients and customers in every way. From listening to their needs and going beyond his duty to help them achieve their goals.

Ryan’s Superpowers

Right off the bat, Tiffany asks Ryan Chiodo about his superpowers – what sets him apart? He says that he always does what he says he’s going to do. One of the main things that set him apart is that he does a little bit more by managing people’s expectations of him on their front so that he doesn’t screw it up on the backside.

For him, that means going above and beyond. If you expect him to call you once a week, he will most likely call you twice a week. Whatever your expectations are, he manages them and over delivers. 

It’s in his blood. Expect your real estate transaction to succeed as he goes the extra mile to make it a complete success!

A Deal Maker Who’s Quick On His Feet

For Ryan, this meant keeping your reputation clean. We are living in a transparent world. If you’re doing a bad job, people will absolutely give you a bad review. And this is detrimental to your portfolio as a real estate agent.

For him, if he has to choose between being right and being kind, he’ll choose being kind. His goal is to make his client happy, sure – but it’s also to make sure that everyone is getting their needs met. His advice would be to always do your best, do your research and do it well.

Passion Topic

Ryan mentions being raised to work hard and give more than what he takes. He makes sure he exceeds every expectation of him by being committed to growth even if he is already a high performing agent.

It’s a domino effect, the more good you put out, the more it will come back on you. Though he knows he isn’t going to make bank on every deal, he knows that being nice and being kind is always going to be the right decision.

Advice For His Rookie Self

If Ryan Chiodo could go back and give advice to his rookie self, it would be this: stay organized. Everytime you meet someone, get their information. Make sure you’re sending them information that is relevant to them. Be strategic with your emails or your newsletters. 

Ryan’s strategy is to categorize every new prospect so that they are getting information that is actually useful to them. If they are in the category that can only afford the $250,000 condos, he’s not going to send them a list of listings of 4 million dollar homes. It’s important to segment your database so that you’re continuing to add value to them. 

Pay Attention To What’s Working

Another thing that sets Ryan Chiodo apart is that he pays attention to the small things too. What’s working when it comes to marketing? How can you adjust your strategy to have a higher payout with less expenses? 

His advice is to put money where it’s working and eliminate the avenues that are eating up your budget. Make sure you’re monitoring those little things. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break your career. 

Rapid Fire Answers

Time Blocking: Paper Calendar With Sticky Notes

Favorite Technology: Phone

Sales Pipeline Management: Paper Calendar With Sticky Notes

Favorite Book: The Surrender Experiment by Michael Alan Singer

Overall Mentor: Family

Real Estate Teacher/Coach: Tim Ferris 

Training Resource You Swear By: Jump In And Swim, Action Is The Best Training Tool

Most Underrated Resource: YOU


You’re not always gonna make money on every deal bu Ryan wants you to remember the most important thing, and that is to always do a good job. His philosophy is to “just work really well”. When you do a splendid job for one person, it can lead to 10, 20 or much more.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ryan’s journey to becoming a Real Estate Pro
  • Ryan’s superpower
  • How Ryan manages expectations from his clients and other people
  • Advice for aspiring Real Estate Agents and Brokers
  • The reputation business
  • Practices that sets you up for success
  • Ryan’s advice to his rookie self
  • Ryan’s approach to work-life balance

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About Our BreakAway Guest

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Ryan Chiodo, License Partner/Real Estate Advisor

Engel & Völkers in Naples, Florida

Ryan is originally from Syracuse, NY, graduated from the University of Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts and minor in Finance. In 2002, he obtained his Realtor® license, and his Broker license in 2006, and went on to establish his own Real Estate Firm. Ryan has closed over $1B in real estate in 17 years.