BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #24 With Rory Clark, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker with Halstead Real Estate, NY

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This weeks episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features Rory Clark, Licensed Real Estate Broker with Halstead Real Estate in New York. Rory was recognized as a “Best Real Estate Agent in New York State” by REAL Trends America (Zillow) and also a Top 2% Companywide by Halstead Property’s elite Producers Council.

Before joining the Halstead team, he was the Founder and President of Elevated Realty LLC, a full-service boutique Manhattan residential real estate brokerage. He originally began his career as a lawyer at an AMLaw 100 law firm where he counseled midsize to large corporate clients in business transactions. Rory works with sellers, buyers and landlords and is one of less than 1% of Manhattan agents with the Certified Buyer Designation training. He has completed extensive training on best practices to both represent and protect the interests of homebuyers.

Rory Clark loves working with other agents, and enjoys getting to know and leverage each person’s different skill sets. This interview discusses how his ability to create a network has pushed him further and faster. Listen now as he discusses his passion not only for real estate and the clients that come with it, but how he believes having the right mindset can set your career on fire.

How The Right Mindset Can Help You Sell Million Dollar Listings

Tiffany Youngren (host of The BreakAway Agent Podcast) and Rory Clark discuss how he thrives on teamwork and how tapping into a well-established local and national network of professionals has helped him serve his clients better. Read on as we get to know this New York native and how he got to where he is today.

Problem Solving is Rory’s Super Power

Coming from a lawyer background, knowing how to anticipate and solve problems has helped him tremendously over the years. Even the simplest transactions in real estate can become complicated really quickly. If you can look for potential problems and have systems in place to counteract those, then you have a super power that not a lot of people have.

Learning how to be a problem solver quickly and effectively is one of the best ways to not only add value, but get your clients to the closing table.

Habits For Building Trust and Relating To People

Rory Clark prides himself on being a fiduciary for his clients. He and his team look out for their client’s best interest and that helps him build their trust. Rather than just chasing a commission, he lays out the pros and cons for each property.

It’s this kind of service that helps him build relationships that last and help build him and the rest of the team a better reputation. He tells every client all the information they need to know up front, and even if they don’t buy or sell right away, he continues to build those relationships.

Find Your Voice, Find Your Tribe, Add Value

Especially as newer agents, we are always looking for business and transactions. It can be easy to get caught up in that struggle to make a deal. For Rory Clark, it is important to also focus on those on his team. He says that he has to find a tribe that he likes, and that also like him.

Finding like minded people to do business with his high up on his list too. He has made very good friends that started as clients. Working with people you get along with makes for a much more mutually beneficial relationship.

Growing The Right Way Can Be A Struggle

When it comes to growing sales and getting more successful, a struggle can be growing the right way. At Halstead Real Estate, they are known for their superior customer service. At times, when a lot of growth happens, it can be a struggle balancing all of those new clients without sacrificing the service or the agents quality of life.

Rory says that managing the growth in a way that makes sure they don’t lose out on the value is one of the most important things he has to think about when it comes to growing his and his teams business.

A quick tip that Rory discusses with Tiffany is the idea of time blocking and setting boundaries. When you set out time in the day to get certain things done, you can accomplish so much more than just by flying by the seat of your pants. He says that time blocking periods of time each day for prospecting has helped him tremendously in growing his business and has given him the means to set boundaries with team members and clients. When you block out time and stick to it, customers will respect you, as long as you are following up and meeting their needs before or after.

Consistency Is Key In This Business

Consistency is so crucial for real estate success. Things tend to snowball, the longer you’re in this industry the better. Because one opportunity leads to another and both of those lead to more referrals, and so on and so forth.

Even if you’re a new agent, there are things you can do that can help build your credibility. It can be a monthly newsletter, consistent marketing, and more. As long as your consistent, you can build trust and your brand.

Tips For A Rookie

If Rory Clark could go back and give his rookie self advice, it would be to just keep going for it. Being new in the industry can have it’s advantages. Knowing less means you’re not so scared of screwing up, and you can push the boundaries. Starting out as a new agent means you have a hunger to succeed and get those transactions.

Someone has to sell those 100 million dollar listings – why not you?

Rory’s Ritual For Daily Success

Most successful real estate agents or business people have daily habits that help them stay on top of their game. Rory Clark likes to get into the office before everyone and plan out his day. He has a standing appointment every morning with his assistant, so getting prepared for that helps him get into the zone.

He also likes to think about or jot down things in his life that make him happy and he spends time thinking about what he is grateful for. This type of routine helps him reset and prepare for the day, as often times it can get hectic and stressful in an ever-changing industry.

Rapid Fire Answers

Time Blocking – Excel Spreadsheet

Favorite Technology – Asana

Favorite CRM – Contactually

Sales Pipeline Management – Excel Spreadsheet

Transaction Management – Combination of Excel Spreadsheet and Asana

Favorite Book – Favors Podcasts Over Books

Overall Mentor – President of Halstead Real Estate


Something that Rory Clark talks about at the end of the interview is connection. He encourages all agents to build relationships and connections with other people across the country in the real estate industry. Not only will you continue to learn and grow, but you can build leads that way as well.

When agents consistently reach out to each and share knowledge and wisdom about the industry, it keeps the standards for real estate high. The real estate business would be nothing without its ethical and professional agents working hard for their clients, and it’s important they all stick together and not try so hard to compete.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Rory Clark, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Halstead Real Estate

Rory was recognized as a “Best Real Estate Agent in New York State” by REAL Trends America (Zillow) and also a Top 2% Companywide by Halstead Property’s elite Producers Council. Before joining the Halstead team, he was the Founder and President of Elevated Realty LLC, a full-service boutique Manhattan residential real estate brokerage.