BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #25 With Nicole Beauchamp, Global Real Estate Advisor of Engel & Völkers, NY

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Nicole Beauchamp is a born and raised Manhattanite, which initially is what led her to real estate. After a successful career in technology and finance, she became the go-to person for advice on where to live and where to go. Being from the area, she quickly rose in the ranks as a trusted and respected globally by clients and peers as an expert in data and financial analysis, negotiation, marketing, and technology. At first, Nikki would send referrals to a friend in the real estate industry, and that friend kept trying to convince her to get her RE license.

Eventually, Nicole Beauchamp got burnt out working finance and technology and decided to give real estate a try. 20 years later, she’s still in real estate and thriving! She joined Engel & Völkers New York City in 2014 as one of the first advisors in the New York City brokerage. She has also been recognized as part of the Engel & Völkers North America Elite Advisors Club. Nikki also serves on the President’s Advisory Council for Engel & Völkers North America and holds the Master Certified Negotiation Expert, Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Buyer Representative designations.

Tune in now and hear how Nicole’s New York life and past career has given her special “superpowers” that have set her up for success in the real estate industry. 

How Being Calm & Going With Your Gut Will Make Better Business Transactions

On each BreakAway Agent episode, we discuss with each interviewee what they think their superpower is. What sets them apart from everyone else? Typically, host Tiffany Youngren hears a lot of similar things, because top producers have similar characteristics. However, Nikki shared some unique superpowers that we think are great – her first being the sense of calm above all else. 

Nicole Beauchamp’s SuperPower – Sense of Calm

Nicole describes herself as an atypical New Yorker. She has a great sense of calm and avoids stress at all calm. She prides herself as being a calm voice in the room that has a clear head. Nikki knows from experience that buying and selling a home can be an emotional process, and she offers that stability of confidence and assuredness to her clients. That sense of calm has become an asset for her and helps make the process smoother for her clients. 

Other Habits For Leveling Up In Real Estate

Another superpower that Nicole Beauchamp has is building depth in relationships. For her, it comes down to being a better listener. She was very interested in philosophy when she was in school, and she heard a phrase that once boiled down said, we have two eyes, two ears, and only one mouth.

For Nikki, she’s learned that if she can listen and observe more often than she reacts or speaks, she can serve her clients much better. It is important for her to pay attention to everything that her clients say so that she can incorporate all of that into their discussion. 

Additionally, Nikki talks about intuition being a key factor in helping her succeed. She leans into her gut feelings about working with certain people. Sometimes recognizing clashing personalities and making sure that she is the best fit for the client can make a better experience overall. 

Get Involved In Other Organizations That Will Help You Grow

Though Nicole Beauchamp thinks she might be too involved, it is important to get involved in organizations that will help you and your business grow. Apart from being involved in the Real Estate Board of New York for more than 10 years and other RE committees, Nicole is also on a committee called Every Day Agent, No Owners, No Brokers. 

She also teaches continuing ed several times a year and is committed to being a sounding board for new agents and other agents who have questions. As well as in her office, Nikki loves being a collaborator and taking part in RE discussions. In addition to that, she is also involved in the International Real Estate Federation, where she serves as the President Select in the U.S. National Chapter. 

When people ask her why she gives her time to these different organizations, she says that it all comes back to giving back. She says that you get back what you give out. Admittedly, she also confesses that part of the reason she is so involved in so many different things is for selfish reasons. The more she knows, the more connections she has, the easier it will be to help her next client. She’s trying to build a legacy so that she doesn’t have to work forever. The more knowledge she has, the easier each transaction will be, and the more she can grow.

Your Definition Of Success Might Be Not Match Someone Else

Nikki discusses how building relationships comes down to really interpreting the client’s needs. Sometimes that even means discouraging your client from making a sale because the property just isn’t right. She tells a story of stating her concerns about a certain home to client and then having them say to her that she was talking them out of a deal and losing herself money. Nikki told them that though yes she was talking them out of THIS deal, ultimately she knew that they could find something better. It’s not simply transactional, and she makes sure that her clients know that she’s not in real estate for the money.

The Difference Between Being Accessible Vs Being Available

She goes on to say that she knows her personality type isn’t for everyone, and her definition of success might not match the next agent’s. She values her time and her sets boundaries for both herself and her clients. Nikki says that though all agents are accessible, that doesn’t always mean they have to be available 24/7. It comes down to communicating properly with her clients so that she is there when they need her and she is giving them the attention they deserve. Setting boundaries and working within her schedule has kept her relationships and referral bases successful. 

Rapid Fire Answers

Time Blocking: A physical calendar and sometimes she will print out a Google calendar to write on manually.

Favorite Technology: Apple Watch

Favorite CRM: Contactually

Sales Pipeline Management: Engel & Völkers pipeline management

Favorite Book: NY Times Crossword Puzzles

Real Estate Teacher or Coach: Marie Spodek was one of the main people who inspired Nicole to give back

Training Resource: Local Real Estate Board

Most Underrated Resource In The Industry: Public Records

Key Takeaway

Nicole Beauchamp really believes at the end of the day, agents don’t have enough conversations about how to truly listen to the client or setting boundaries. It is exhausting for every agent to be “on” 24 hours a day. It is ok, healthy even, to set up boundaries so that you can take time to relax and have a life. Even though you are still accessible to your clients, you do not have to be available every second of every day. 

It’s a little harder for new agents because you’re just trying to make money and build your business. And it’s easy to spiral into always taking on everything. Nicole encourages others to delegate and figure out what works for you. Find the balance and go with your gut!

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Nicole Beauchamp, Global Real Estate Advisor

Engel & Völkers in New York City

Nikki is an award-winning multi-lingual luxury global real estate advisor. She is a native Manhattanite who is trusted and respected globally by clients and peers as an expert in data and financial analysis, negotiation, marketing, and technology. Nikki came to real estate sales almost twenty years ago after a successful career in technology & finance. In 2014 Nikki joined Engel & Völkers in New York City as one of the first advisors and has been acknowledged for sales accomplishments as part of the Engel & Völkers Americas Elite Advisors Club.