BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #21 With Lourdes Alatriste From Engel & Völkers in Miami, Florida

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On this episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast, join Tiffany Youngren as she interviews Lourdes Alatriste, Partner and Private Office Advisor of Engel & Völkers Miami. Starting in the title company industry, Lourdes got her love for real estate early. As much as she enjoyed the title industry, it was too monotonous, and she was looking for more. With real estate, she learned she got to do something exciting and different every single day.

Now working in the luxury real estate market for over ten years, Lourdes proves that she is set apart from the rest with her work ethic and dedication to giving every client personal service. Her first major sale was to Chris Bosch, an athlete for the Miami HEAT. Since she has represented lots of high profile sellers and buyers across the United States and the world.

Listen now as she shares how passion, knowledge, and a dedication to serving clients has helped her become a top producer.

Lourdes Alatriste Shares That When You Sell Luxury, You’re Selling a Lifestyle

Lourdes Alatriste first got started with Engel & Völkers Miami based on a referral from a friend. She met with some of the people recruiting and fell in love with the brand and their values. Each representative seemed knowledgeable, classy, and professional. She instantly knew that this would be something that would work for her because she could start with something not a lot of other people had – an international brand.

Here she shares how having that brand behind her, as well as the drive to be the best, has given her success along the way.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Lourdes Alatriste is a firm believer in showing people what she can do rather than bore them to death with a sales pitch. When she was first starting out, she would tell clients that she could spend time trying to convince why they should use her or why she was great, but if they just gave her a little time, she would SHOW them. Rather than just make promises, she would let her actions speak on her behalf. It’s this work ethic that keeps clients coming back and sending referrals her way.

She also says that this type of aggressive action to prove to her clients that she is the one they need is a delicate balance. You don’t want to confuse your client by oversharing knowledge they don’t need. However, you also don’t want to withhold any information. Find the balance between giving the clients exactly what they need without burdening them or confusing them.

Selling Luxury Means Selling Lifestyle

In order to sell, you have to know your market, especially when it comes to higher-end clients who are looking for luxury homes. You’re not just selling the home, you’re selling the whole package. From the community to the schools surrounding, you have to know what your buyer is looking for. What things are they expecting? What kind of home are they buying? Is it a vacation home? Are they first time home buyers?

Lourdes says that knowing this information and knowing your market will help you better meet the needs of clients.

Dedication is Lourdes Alatriste’s Super Power

Lourdes fully believes that you have to work for each client that she has. As a top producing agent, she is providing a service. If you’re not thinking of your client first, you will lose out on business. She says to be successful in this business, you have to be 100% committed. To her, that means being available, being knowledgeable about areas, and having resources available for them.

It also means spending the time to get to know your clients, so that you might be able to go above and beyond for them. Listen to their needs, and do what it takes to meet those needs.

The Most Important Thing Is Knowledge

Listening to clients and having a passion to serve them is so important. But Lourdes Alatriste says that the most important thing is to have the knowledge and to share it. Be a resource for your clients that they can trust and come back to. This means studying the market, researching trends in your area, and being intuitive to what clients are looking for. Find out everything about the area you want to work in. Having the most information, or the most accurate information will help you stand out from the crowd.

Along with that, it comes down to finding out information from people in the area. You can read the stats all day, but talk to other agents and people in the area. Find out how other agents are doing things, and learn from them. Go to open houses, learn the market, get other opinions. It is really important for agents who want to grow to unite with other agents and not always be in competition. You never know where you can learn information that will help your career.

Think Of The Client First

Lourdes gives a great example of her work ethic and her servant’s heart. She was working with a client who wanted to look for homes in one of the most expensive parts of Miami. As they were looking, she heard him say something about his daughter going to school on the other side of Miami. Instead of trying to get him to stay on the expensive part of town, where houses are around 50 million dollars, she instead found him a great property in an area that was much less expensive. However, it was where he really wanted to be, and in the end, that client ended up being one of her greatest referrers.

To her, it wasn’t about the money. It was about providing the most value to her client.

Establish Your Values – Find A Team That Matches Those

Throughout this entire episode, it is clear that Lourdes values passion, knowledge, and a work ethic that focuses on serving others. Even as a top producing agent, she is still growing and finding success. Her biggest struggle while growing her business is finding the right people for her team. It is very important to her to make sure that her team members have the same drive and the same dedication that she does.

As a leader, she has a hard time delegating – she would rather do everything herself. She has to find a team that has the same values as her because otherwise, she will not work with them.

Study The Market & Build Success Habits

If Lourdes could go back and give advice to her rookie self, she would say to study the market. Listen to people who are successful and know what they are doing. Take notes on what you learn and take notes on what successful people say and do.

Another piece of advice she gives is to put your goals out in front of you. Lourdes herself puts all of her goals and homes to sell on a board in front of her Peloton so that when she works out in the morning, she can remind herself what she needs to do for each day.

Lourdes also practices meditation each day. She works on breathing and controlling her fears so that each day has a positive focus. She firmly believes starting every day with gratitude and a mindset of thankfulness.

Rapid Fire Answers

  • Time Blocking: none
  • Favorite Technology: Her phone, which shows her updates on listings and gives her access to the MLS
  • CRM: none
  • Sales Pipeline Management: a physical board in her home, handwritten processes work better for her
  • Mentor: her father
  • Real Estate Teacher or Coach: Carlos Justo
  • Underrated Resource: MLS

Love What You Do and Be Yourself

Lourdes’ final piece of advice is whether it’s real estate or not, to love what you do and be yourself. She also stresses to not copy anyone. Make your passion your own. Learn from others, take ideas from others, and then mold them to the best version of you. Everyone is different, and we shouldn’t try to be anyone but ourselves.

If you work hard, have a positive mindset, and spend time educating yourself, you can do anything.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Lourdes Alatriste, Partner and Private Office Advisor

Engel & Völkers Miami

Lourdes has been working in the Luxury Real Estate Market for ten years. Her first big sale was to Chris Bosch the summer before he began playing for the Miami HEAT. Since then she has represented high profile Sellers and Buyers from the US as well as abroad. in 2019 she had over $90M in sales.