BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #18 With George Rosario From Luxe Stone Realty Group

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George L. Rosario, aka NYC’s Hometown Realtor, was born and raised most of his life in New York. He got his start in the real estate industry as a property manager in Brooklyn in 1990 and decided to take the bull by the horns in the crash of 2008. Getting his real estate license in a time where a lot of businesses went under, George was determined to help the people in the Big Apple at a time they needed agents the most. On this premiere episode of Season 2 of The BreakAway Agent Podcast, George Rosario tells about his career and his thankfulness for having an excellent accountability partner.

As someone still in a passionate love affair with the city, George Rosario shares his tips on how to be a successful agent by being empathetic and passionate about the people he works with. Listen to this episode of the BreakAway Agent Podcast for his full enlightening and fun interview, or read on for a brief synopsis of how he became a top producing agent.

His Main Superpower

Every high achieving real estate agent has certain strengths that The BreakAway Agent team has called “superpowers.” George’s main superpower that got him where he is today is empathy. One of the most important things you can do in this business if you want to be successful is to put yourself in your client’s shoes.

George tells a story about how he became a father very early in life and had a poor experience trying to find a place to live for him and his young family. He vowed that he would, if ever given the opportunity to work in the service industry, treat people better. If you can imagine what your client is going through, he says, you will be much more likely to get them what they want. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and ultimately you’ll get much farther in your career.

Passion Topic – Don’t Be Afraid To Keep Learning

Before nearly every episode, each BreakAway Agent is asked about what they are passionate about. Typically they are asked for a helpful piece of advice that could help other agents and brokers. George said, “Do not ever pretend you know it all. The market is fluid. It is always changing. Be flexible. Be open to change. Surround yourself with individuals that are successful and you too will be successful. After all, success leaves bread crumbs and footprints for you to follow.”

George Rosario talks about his love of learning, something his grandmother instilled in him. He discusses how his grandmother was a huge influence on his learning lifestyle. She lived to be 106, and she often said that she wishes she had another 106 years to spend more time educating herself. This stuck with George, and now he encourages other agents, especially agents just starting out, to continue to learn and grow.

When he first started out, he thought he knew it all, but the more time he spends in the business, the more he realizes how much is still left to learn.

An Accountability Partner Can Help With Sales

A big struggle that George has is actually using his phone to grow his business. He hates cold calling, he hates following up about upcoming sales. It comes from the inner annoyance when people call HIM with sales pitches. He doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone with a call out of the blue.

However, the difference that following up and reaching out does for his business is huge. As a team leader, it’s his responsibility to make sure he pulling his weight. He says it makes all the difference when he has his accountability partner checking in and helping out. If you’re like George and have a hard time making calls and following up, get yourself an accountability partner who has different strengths than you.

Stand Out From The Competition and “Discount Brokerages”

George and his office host training sessions every Thursday evening and every Saturday morning, and he believes that this helps his business stand out. Training is a big part of their business growth strategy. Discount brokers don’t have the same type of experience or at the same level of customer service. They haven’t walked into your house, they often don’t take the time to listen to your wants and needs. George talks about how he gets discount brokerages reaching out to him and his business often, asking him to come work for them and help them get more stuff done.

You get what you pay for, and with George’s company, you get a team that actually cares. George fully believes that his job is not to sell homes. It’s his job to manage stress and handle the day to day tasks that come with selling a home. Managing customers stress should be an agent’s main focus. Getting a client to the next step, to where they want to be is what this business is about.

Three Things Every Agent Should Do

  1. Follow up! People leave so much money on the table when they don’t make continual contact with leads.
  2. Don’t be a secret agent! Put yourself out there. The game is changing. Be on social media. Show up everywhere. Make yourself easy to recognize and easy to find.
  3. Present yourself in the right way! This is typically the biggest purchase of this person’s life. You don’t want to show up to this interaction looking like you don’t care about the person or your business. Look presentable, be prepared. Respect the industry.

Advice To His Rookie Self

If George Rosario could go back and give advice to his rookie self just starting out in the business, it would be this – have more fun. Build relationships and don’t dwell on deals that fall apart. A lot of agents let the first deal that falls apart break them, and they leave the industry in dismay. George would go back and tell his younger and less experienced self to stop dwelling on the negative and instead spend more time focusing on the people rather than the deals.

Daily Success Ritual

Though he doesn’t recommend for everyone, something George Rosario does is only get 5 hours of sleep. This started when he was a kid and had to get up at 5 to catch the train for school. However, as he’s gotten older, and technology has caught up, he’s now a part of the 5 AM Club. The 5 AM Club is a group of successful entrepreneurs that all seem to get up and conquer the day early. He finds that he can accomplish so many things in the two hours he is awake in the morning when it seems everyone else is still asleep. Follow the 5 AM Club on Instagram, using #5amclub and see if it inspires you to get up earlier!

Something else that George recommends for daily success is to find an accountability partner. Find someone to hold you accountable for your daily goals. Write down what you want to get done, and have someone check in with you to see if you’re succeeding. He says you should look for a partner that has different strengths than you have. If you’re unorganized, find someone who is organized. If you’re not great at follow up, find a mentor or partner who will help you improve. Share your goals with someone!

Rapid Fire Answers:

  • Time blocking »» Google Calendar & Whiteboard
  • Favorite Technology »» Cellphone. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just use the tools you have to build your business.
  • CRM »» Conversion
  • Sales pipeline management »» Partners (accountability partners)
  • Transaction management »» Depends on the transaction and the client
  • Book »» Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, All Quiet On The Western Front
  • Who do you consider your mentor »» Grandmother & Mother, George Namnum (taught him how to make sales more personal), Mel Robbins

At the end of the day, George Rosario can chalk his success up to being empathetic to his clients and leaning on his team. He is not only passionate about the city he lives in, but he loves to serve people and help them get to where they want to go. He firmly believes that when you treat people the way you want to be treated, success is inevitable.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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George Rosario, Realtor

Luxe Stone Realty Group

George L. Rosario, aka NYC’s Hometown Realtor, was born and raised most of his life in New York. He got his start in the real estate industry as a property manager in Brooklyn in 1990 but officially got his license in 2008. George L. Rosario is the International Sterling Society Award, International Diamond Award and Latino Business Leadership Award recipient.