BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #20 With Corey Hasting From Engel & Völkers in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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This special Team Leader Edition of The BreakAway Agent Podcast features Corey Hasting, Master License Partner of Engel & Völkers U.S. Holdings, Inc. in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. With his education and experience as a professional athlete, Corey has used his leadership skills and drive to gain a successful career in real estate.

He just recently opened his business as broker/owner in April of 2018, and before that he was with Keller Williams for about 5 years. Finding a home in Jacksonville, Florida, one of the largest city in the U.S., has opened Corey up for amazing growth opportunities.  His office has found a specific niche, and his team of nearly 20 advisors sells between 150-180 million each year. Here Corey talks about how his passion for real estate and his love for systematic processes has helped him become a top producer.

Corey Hasting Discusses Adding Value, Establishing Culture, and Building Systems

Listen to the full podcast episode to hear more about how Corey Hasting and his team of top producers have added value to their clients and established themselves as elite agents.

Culture Comes First – Then Production

Right off the bat, Corey Hasting dives into some of the unique processes that make Engel & Völkers the company that it is. He says specifically that culture is the most important part of the recruiting process, even more important that the production value of each agent. His office, made up of about 20 producing agents and advisors, would be a much larger team if they hired off of experience level and production alone. Instead, they are very particular about the members that come in. Each new hire needs to match the amazing brand of Engel & Völkers because it isn’t for everybody.

Corey wants to be THE exclusive one-stop shop in town. Which means that the culture of the office is so crucial for making long lasting clients. The second part of the criteria for hiring new agents is that once the culture fits, they need to sell at least 3 million dollars or more per year. In his local market, that puts his agents in the top 15% or higher.

The third criteria that Corey Hasting mentions is the ability to learn new tools and trades. Engel & Völkers is a technology forward company, which means agents need to be able to use their cell phone and manage the app, as well as be comfortable on their computer.

Give Luxury Customer Service No Matter Their Price Point

Corey is really passionate about treating every home like it’s a mansion. His clients and his team’s clients don’t need to be high-end luxury buyers to get that all-star luxury customer service. This is how his business stands out and maintains a stellar reputation. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money one specific client is bringing in. Everyone gets treated like a luxury client.

It’s really important as agents to make every client, whether it’s that $1000 vacant lot or that $1,000,000 waterfront property, to feel like they are valued. And that’s what the Engel & Völkers brand is all about. Making sure every person feels valued and no one gets overlooked.

How Engel & Völkers Attracts New Agents

Because Engel & Völkers is an international brokerage, catering to premier and luxury homes. In Jacksonville, at Corey Hastings office, they focus more on premier customer service. However, being an international company, they have access to marketing materials that other companies do not have. Specifically, their brand is built on providing killer listings that get seen more often by more people. Their slogan is “List Local, Sell Global,” which means their client’s chance of selling is much higher than those just trying to sell in the area.

Agents are attracted to this specific brokerage because not only are they successful locally, but they have access to many platforms to syndicate listings globally tool. The room for growth and success is something that a lot of agents are interested in. You just can’t find another international brokerage that matches the level of Engel & Völkers.

The Best Ability is Availability

When Corey Hasting first moved to Jacksonville, he only knew one person. He first got started in real estate as a way to maintain flexible hours so he could wait for his athletic career to take off. Quickly though, he realized that real estate was something that he was passionate about and naturally good at. His first year he won ‘Rookie of the Year,’ and started to grow his database. He firmly believes that the best ability is availability.

Being available to his clients all the time, whenever they need him, is how he built his database from 1 to nearly 5,000 in just a few short years. With his mindset of “no one can outwork me,” he has become a successful team leader and take his business to the next level.

What Makes A Great Leader?

Having been under the influence of coaches most of his life, Corey has learned a few things that have helped him become a better leader. He says that what makes a great leader is their ability to adapt to different personalities. A person who leads well can walk into any room and connect with each personality.

It goes hand in hand with keeping a team. In his office, Corey Hasting uses the term retention all the time. Building a team that is connected and wants to be there is so much more rewarding than building a team that has high turnovers. Finding the right fit rather than just building the team is a much better process for growth. He wants his team to feel like he really cares about them, and cares about their business – because he does really care!

His goal to build a team that never wants to leave, because they are taken care of and have a culture that is constantly adding value.

Corey Hasting Is Obsessed With Success

As a team leader, Corey says he is successful because he cares the most. Any leader has to not only care about their own personal growth, but they need to be focused on the growth of their team. He says a big part of his drive is that he obsessed with success, and more importantly, he is obsessed with the success of his brokerage.

One of his superpowers that he has leaned into over the years, is the fact that he cares so much. It’s very important to him to listen to what his agents have to say. Whether it’s a random story about a property or a client, or something personal, he actually cares about the people he works with. The ability to make people feel valuable comes naturally to him because he does want to know what is going on in his agents’ lives. This type of value is what has helped him build trust with his team. There’s a bond that goes outside the office – and it all goes back to building the right culture.

Are You Nervous Or Are You Anxious? Know The Difference

Corey Hasting said something we loved. He said that nervousness is when opportunity meets unpreparedness, while anxiousness is when opportunity meets preparedness. It’s the difference between being prepared and not being prepared. It’s ok to be anxious because that means you’re ready. It means your body is ready for whatever is about to be thrown at it. Nervousness on the other hand, usually means you’re not prepared, and that is when doubt starts to creep in and mistakes happen.

It comes down to being ready and available, and for Corey, it comes down to preparing his team. They have systems in place to prepare each new advisor that comes on so that when it’s time to work with a client, they are ready to go. Because if they’re not ready, someone else will be.

Find Out What Makes You Different – And Lean On Those!

Though Corey has talked a lot about why he thinks Engel & Völkers is an amazing company, you don’t have to work for them to find success in real estate. Find what makes you different, and lean into those strengths. How do you stand out from other agents? How is your brokerage different than those in your area? When you figure out how you stand out, you can figure out how to sell yourself to clients.

As a brand, Engel & Völkers is completely unified in their commitment to making every client feel like they are a multi-million dollar client. You’ll find that at every E&V office you walk into. So when it comes to your business, think about how you and your business are different. Corey says the biggest advice he can give to anyone just coming into the industry is:

  1. Make a list of as many things as you can think of that makes you or your company different.
  2. Tell everybody!
  3. Follow someone who influences YOU, and take notes on what they do.

At The End Of The Day – Be Available

It is so obvious in Corey’s interview that he cares deeply about his agents and his agent’s clients. For him, it all comes down to availability. Real estate is a people-focused business. It is all about meeting the needs of those around you, and that means being available when most people are available. That means late nights, weekends, and holidays.

If you’re trying to get into real estate because you think it’s flexible and will get you rich quick, you probably won’t last very long. Real estate is hard work, and it comes at a cost to your time and energy – but is definitely one of the most rewarding jobs you’ll have.

Corey Hasting Rapid Fire Answers

  • Time Blocking – Paper Day Planning Calendar
  • Favorite Technology – Trulia, – Online Lead Finders
  • Sales Pipeline Management – anything that works, his team uses whatever they like the most
  • Transaction Management – his transaction coordinator
  • Favorite Book – Sell It Like Serhant
  • Overall Mentor – Frank Solich (Head Coach at Ohio University), his mom, father-in-law

Rituals For Daily Success and Last Minute Advice

Every morning, Corey Hasting has a daily coffee ritual. He loves the routine of getting up early, heading into the office early and grabbing that cup of coffee. It helps him prepare his mindset for what is upcoming for the day and helps him take a deep breath before meetings or big tasks.

Though it’s not really about the coffee, it’s important that he takes time in the morning to prepare himself for whatever the day might throw at him.

Corey says that success in real estate comes down to believing in yourself. No matter what field you’re in, if you stay positive and believe in yourself, you can do anything. Don’t focus on the negative, even though in this day in age it seems easy to do. Instead, look forward to what is next and what is upcoming. That’s how to stay successful in a competitive market.

About Our BreakAway Guest

Corey Hasting BreakAway Agent

Corey Hasting, Master License Partner

Engel & Völkers U.S. Holdings, Inc. in Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Corey Hasting is owner and broker of Engel & Völkers in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. With his education and experience as a professional athlete, Corey has used his leadership skills and drive to gain a successful career in real estate. In 2017, Corey was listed #45 out of the top 50 Top Residential Real Estate Agents of North East Florida.