BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #28 With Ben Floyd, Broker/Owner of 525 Realty Group in Edmond, Oklahoma

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On this episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast, we welcome Ben Floyd, Broker and Owner of 525 Realty Group in Edmond, Oklahoma. Though Ben has been a licensed realtor since 2000, he also has a background in marketing, sales, management, home inspections, home and commercial renovations, and even home and commercial building. All of his experiences have led him to his successful real estate career. 

Ben has always had a strong work ethic, and he started young. At age 18, his father put him in charge of a construction crew. Though he felt like he had no idea what he was doing, it gave him the opportunity to see construction from the ground up. From there he stumbled into sales, and eventually found himself devoting his time and energy into the real estate industry. Construction has always been a part of him though, and it often becomes the focus of his business. He and his company have built large unit buildings from the ground up in order to sell and rent out, and it’s that kind of process that is what makes work fun.

Listen now as Ben Floyd describes how his background in construction and having a team focused brokerage has helped him become more successful in his real estate career.

How Construction And Contracting Can Boost Your RE Business

Though Ben Floyd said he was making good money in sales, it wasn’t fulfilling, so he and his mother started in Real Estate. Being able to actively help people achieve their dreams every day gave them much more purpose. Before starting 525 Realty Group, both Ben and his mom were working for a national chain brokerage. At first, it seemed very agent focused, but they felt like their brokers weren’t always available to them when they needed them. So they decided to branch out on their own.

They wanted to bring more of a team focused outlook on their brokerage. To Ben, that means picking up the slack for every agent when they need help. Regardless of how big or small the problem is, he and his brokerage partners are available to help. 

Passion Topic: How Hard Are You Willing To Work?

Ben talks about how when he’s training new agents or holding sales training for agents on his team, the first thing he says is to pick up your phone. Everyone is on social media. Everyone has access to an audience, and it’s important to get yourself in front of people. However, Ben says you have to take it a step further. Just being friends with people on Facebook isn’t going to land you new listings. You have to put in the time and effort to connect more with your sphere of influence. Make those face-to-face connections. Don’t hide behind social media, use it as a tool to get yourself in front of people that can help grow your business. 

You can make it happen. You just have to portray yourself as a trusted professional.

Ben Floyd’s Superpower? Defusing Any Situation

Ben Floyd talks about how one of his superpowers is the fact that he is great at defusing situations. Maybe it’s his background in sales that has helped him learn to read people, but his personality type leans toward people and getting stuff done. 

For example, Ben brings up the stress that comes with home inspections. Most people seem to be on the edge of a cliff when inspections happen, and Ben prides himself on being able to calm clients down. His experience with contracting and construction, and of course his years in real estate, have given him the knowledge to know what is a big deal and what isn’t. Being able to share this knowledge with clients helps them trust him and worry less.

Construction Knowledge Gives Him A Leg Up In Real Estate

Not only has a background in contracting and construction given Ben another form of income, but it has also helped him in his real estate brokerage. Being able to walk through a house and see potential problems has given him a leg up. Having the knowledge to share with clients has made him more credible, and has also given him the ability to solve problems before they come up later. 

Having a little more knowledge about home building gives you more opportunities to help clients. Ben even has a inspectors license, so that he can help clients find the right home for them and verify inspections when things happen.

A Common Real Estate Struggle is Follow Up

Something that Ben struggles with, and lots of other agents do too, is following up with his sphere of influences. When it feels like you’re too busy for anything that isn’t right in front of you, it can be easy to let those follow-up calls get further and further down the to-do list. Especially if being on the phone isn’t your favorite way to communicate. 

Ben points out, however, that he knows his sales could double if he spent more time reaching back out to some connections he’s made. Staying on top of mind is very important for business. But even top producers have a hard time doing the things they know they should be – like follow up calls.

Pick Up Your Phone, Pick Up Your Phone, Pick Up Your Phone!

If Ben Floyd could just make his agents do three things in order to be successful in real estate, all three things would be to pick up the phone. In an age where we can access information instantly, you have to be available or you will miss out. 

When someone calls you and they want to look at a house, they want an immediate response. If you aren’t answering your phone or responding to clients right away, not only have you lost the opportunity to gain a client, you might have even lost their trust for future deals.

The most important thing is to pick up your phone and be known as the real estate agent who is available. You spend money all year long advertising your phone number and your business, so if you’re not answering, you’re losing money.

Rapid Fire Answers

Time Blocking: Outlook is the go-to for the office

Favorite Technology: OMG (CRM system that Ben developed) also does sales pipeline management and transaction management

Favorite Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

Overall Mentor: Ben’s mom and his wife

Real Estate Teacher or Coach: Tom Ferry, Grant Cardone

Most Underrated Resource In The Industry: Cell Phone Number, MLS


The most important thing that Ben stresses is the idea that your phone can be your most valuable asset. It’s not enough to just put your name out there and hope for business. Despite just making phone calls, it’s really important to answer the phone too. You never know who might be calling. The next person looking to speak with you could be the link to your next million dollar deal.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Ben Floyd, Broker/Owner

525 Realty Group

Ben has been a licensed realtor since 2000 and has a unique background that includes marketing, sales, management, home inspections, home and commercial renovations, as well as home and commercial building. His experiences have taken him down many paths, all of which are beneficial to his work in the real estate profession.