BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #19 With Beau Blankenship From Engel & Völkers 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

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On this team leader edition of BreakAway Agent, we welcome Beau Blankenship, owner of Engel & Völkers 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Beau has a unique background as both a collegiate and professional athlete. He’s always had a passion for real estate. The same disciple, drive, and determination that he used on the football field has transferred over to how he performs for his clients and his brokerage. Being a top producer so young has proved to be an asset for him. Furthermore, his passion and drive have come together to not only help his team but his company as well.

This episode focuses on how Beau has harnessed his drive and passion for everything he does into becoming a top agent in his area. His years of practicing discipline and succeeding have only helped him succeed as a broker/owner. Listen on as Beau shares how he got to where he is as a top producer and team leader, even being as young as he is.

Beau Blankenship Finds Success Through Focus, Faith, and Determination

Passion and Drive Are Beau’s Superpowers

Every agent that has seen success in real estate has certain strengths that help them stand out from the crowd. For Beau Blankenship, passion and drive make up the core of his being. He is the type of person that once he sets his mind to do something, he goes at it 100%. He will put everything he’s got into that.

For a long time in his life, that was sports. Everything he did, everything he focused on was sports. After his career, he went full speed ahead into real estate. He sets goals and does everything he can to achieve them. Beau Blankenship believes that his sports background has shaped who he is today. When you’re an athlete, all you know is results. You are categorized by your wins, your results, your successful plays, etc. It is a results-driven industry – and so is real estate.

Through his years of being an athlete, he knows what it takes to win. This type of mentality, coupled with years of training and experience with the goal to win, has really set him apart as an agent. Living and breathing the “I have to win” mentality, has shaped his real estate career. And on the flipside of that, he’s also learned how to quickly recover after a loss, and take what’s learned from that and apply to his life.

That Must-Win Mentality – Is It Teachable?

Tiffany asks if the desire to win is something he looks for as a team leader or is it something that he thinks he can teach and help instill into new agents? Beau says he gets that question often and hears it being discussed in the industry. For him, he is constantly learning and trying to be better. He doesn’t feel like he knows it all or has it all figured out.

He says that though yes, it may be possible to help teach passion and drive to a person, it has to also come from within. For him, that kind of mentality is something he was born with. It’s also something he can recognize almost immediately in others. Being relatable and personable doesn’t always cut in real estate – you have to have the drive to win.

Faith and Family Are Important Parts of Beau Blankenship’s Drive To Win

Balancing a life of real estate with his home life can be challenging. Beau starts off by saying that his faith is everything. God has been the center of his business and his life from the beginning. A big part of his drive comes from his desire to glorify God and use every opportunity he’s been given to honor Him and do his absolute best in everything he does.

Beau’s mentality stems from his faith – from his athlete days to his real estate career – his drive to win comes from God. It can be difficult to manage his home life and his work life, even though he is thankful for how busy his business is. He goes on to say that his team helps exponentially in making sure he has time with his family and takes care of business when he is unavailable. His goal is to be a real team, a team that backs each other up and picks up the slack whenever it is needed.

Beau Levels Up With His Sense of Urgency – And You Should Too!

Something that makes Beau’s team stand out is their sense of urgency. They are always early. They show up excited to make deals and help people find solutions to problems. Something that Beau really encourages is immediately responding to clients. His team gets back to clients immediately – regardless of where they are or what they are doing. Millions of dollars could be on the line. He wants his team to be known for how quickly they get back to their people. Even taking an hour to respond can mean a client has moved on to someone else.

Level up your real estate career by being the guy that responds first!

Being Young Can Be An Advantage

Being under 30 and growing into one of the top producing agents in his area in just 4 short years is no small feat. For Beau Blankenship, his age and success rate gets brought up a lot. When he was first starting out in the industry, he used to be wary of his age and think that no one would want to work with someone so young. However, as time went on, it has proven to be an asset to him. He is more eager to win and his drive to succeed is stronger than someone a little older or more established. His age makes him feel much more tech-savvy and responsive to clients.

So even though he doubted himself at the beginning, he counts it as a blessing to have gotten into the real estate industry so young, because it gives me a lot more time to learn and grow.

The Biggest Challenge Is The Amount of Agents Working The Market

You see it everywhere, in all cities with great real estate opportunities. Everyone thinks they can be a part-time agent. Beau Blankenship says that in his 20 mile stretch of land that he works in, there are upwards of 3,000 registered real estate agents that he is competing with. His biggest obstacle is finding a way to show clients that his company is one of the best they could work with. The value they will be getting is priceless.

Luckily for him, working for Engel & Völkers has proved to help his business just in the resources they provide and the value he is able to give to his clients.

Passion Topic – Leveraging Your Strengths While Understanding Your Weaknesses

Each BreakAway Agent provides us with a topic they are really passionate about. When it comes to encouraging new agents, Beau says agents should be well versed in “Leveraging what you’re good at and knowing where your weaknesses are. Creating an urgent culture and having an urgency to fill the needs of your clients in a timely and excellent manner.”

When he was just starting out in the real estate game, it became very clear to Beau what his weaknesses were and what helped him stand out. He decided right off the bat that if he was really bad at something, he would hire someone to do it. It’s not always worth his time to learn to be great at something he isn’t great it. If it is taking time away from income-producing tasks that he excels at, someone else should do it. So right away, he hired an assistant to keep everything organized and together. He knew that was something he wasn’t going to be able to keep up with. When those tasks that are hard or challenging for you are taken care of, then you have more time to do what is bringing in more business.

Secondly, his advice is to create that urgent culture in his team and office. This sense of urgency remains at the core of his business. Be quick to respond, have a passion to get things done, and show up with a drive. This builds your reputation and ultimately creates success for your business.

Rapid Fire Answers:

  • Time blocking »» His assistant
  • Favorite technology »» iPhone
  • Lead gen »» BoomTown
  • CRM »» BoomTown
  • Sales pipeline management »» Dotloop
  • Transaction management »» His assistant
  • Favorite book »» Bible
  • Overall mentor »» His father
  • Real estate teacher or coach »» Gary V, Craig Groeschel
  • Most underrated resource in the industry »» handwritten notes

Beau Blankenship – Passion and Desire To Help Is Undeniable

Beau Blankenship has grown to be quite a successful agent in a short time, and that stems directly from his passion for people and his desire to help them reach their goals. He’d love to help anyone get to where they want to be. He is so passionate about seeing people succeed and grow.

If there’s any info that you’re interested in asking Beau, feel free to reach out to him at

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Beau Blankenship, Broker/Owner

Engel & Völkers 30A

Beau is the current owner of Engel & Völkers 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Beau acquired his unique discipline from his former years as both a collegiate and professional athlete. Today, this same discipline, drive, & determination used on the football field translates into not only how he performs for his clients, but within his own brokerage, as well. Youth can sometimes be frowned upon, but for him, it has been a strong asset. His sincere passion, drive, and hustle-mentality have all come together to help lead both his team and company to be a top producer.