BreakAway Agent #13 With Broker-Owner of Aspire Realty Arison Antonucci-Burns

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Why Having Confidence In Real Estate Is Crucial To Growth

Arison Antonucci-Burns got her start in real estate with Keller Williams back in 2005. She worked her way up and from 2011 to 2015, she was the top producing agent at her office and one of the top three for the NW region for Keller Williams. Her success and confidence in her ability to grow more inspired her to open her own agent-centered brokerage in 2016, called Aspire Realty.

This episode of The BreakAway Agent Podcast discusses ways to embolden yourself, build your confidence, and use that confidence to negotiate in your business. Being confident in yourself produces better outcomes and can help you build your business. With her “go big or go home” attitude, Arison shares some awesome strategies on how to train a great team and be successful by being yourself.

Build A Trusted Team Who Is An Extension of You.

As a head broker or “rain-maker,” Arison has surrounded herself with a stable team. She has transaction coordinators and assistants who are also licensed REALTORS®. Not only do they help her with everyday tasks, but they are also going out and showing homes. They help with listings, they go with her to meetings, they are essentially an extension of her.

She hires people to help her with a variety of needs. Because each day is different, she makes a list every day of what needs to get done and then delegates them out. If you’re a team leader or in a higher responsibility position, you understand how difficult it is to delegate. It takes time to build trust and confidence in the people on your team to get the job done right. Her advice is to choose people who can become an extension of you, people who can help with every aspect of the job. She describes herself as an octopus, and her team members are her extra arms.

Sometimes The Most Important Thing An Agent Can Bring To The Table Is Their Personality.

When she is building a team, Arison brings a diverse group of people. New agents, experienced agents, younger people, older people – the diversity brings energy to her team that facilitates growth. However, the first thing she says she looks for when bringing on new potential candidates is personality.

Her office is small, and if you don’t have any confidence, you probably won’t get along with the other big personalities in the office. It can be difficult for you in this industry if you aren’t prone to fun and aren’t people oriented. Real estate is an industry where you have to interact with other humans every single day and help them make important and challenging decisions. Having a fun personality or a sense of humor is almost necessary if you want to succeed.

High Producing Offices Are Team Oriented.

When Arison started this brokerage, it was important to her that the culture of the office felt like a family. She didn’t want it to be a cutthroat atmosphere. Instead, a team environment is more fun and everyone feels much more supported.

If you have that team-oriented office, there is more trust between agents. Especially in this industry, where it can feel very self-centered, a team that trusts each other can grow together.

Your Clients Follow You, Not Just The Brokerage.

Agents are often worried that if they leave a larger company to work for a smaller one, their clients won’t come with them. They believe that people will follow the image they’ve been under with those larger companies. Arison gives all new or even experienced real estate agents If they love you and trust you, that’s what matters. Clients aren’t going to follow the logo on the signs.

Evaluate your business. Are you serving clients to the best of your ability? If you are, and you have clients who become lifelong friends, then they aren’t going to care what company you work for. Swallow the fear and do what you need to do – your clients will follow you no matter where you are.

Have A Plan Each Day.

If Arison could just make new agents she is training to do one thing it would be: Make a plan for your day. Start by time blocking and get used to setting and reaching goals throughout the day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be written in stone, but it helps productivity so much if you have goals throughout the day that you are committed to doing. Staying organized will help you achieve more each day. 

Another thing she suggests when it comes to having a plan for your day is to make sure you are getting out there in the world. If you’re a broker or team leader, train your people to get out in public. Go to those events and be a person who tells people that you are in real estate. This is so necessary, specifically when just starting out. How do you expect to get more referrals and leads if no one knows what you do?

Educating Yourself Is The First Step To Gaining The Confidence You Need To Succeed.

Getting out in public and going to those networking events and spreading your name takes confidence. If you’re building a team or trying to grow your office, it is crucial that you are empowering them. This comes with education and training. Confidence and training go together. The more you and your team know, the more confident you all will be when it comes to dealing with clients and closing the sale.

When Arison was first starting out, she treated real estate like she was going to school. She suggests the same to real estate agents joining her team now. Go to all the training, go to the conferences, the retreats, read the books, all of it. Constantly educate yourself so that you can prove to your clients and your team that you are a valuable resource.

Remember that with the age of the internet, real estate agents aren’t as necessary when it comes to finding the right house. They can browse listings and see photos online. What clients really need help with is contract writing and negotiations. Become successful by standing out in this area. Train your agents to be strong and confident when it comes to helping clients with getting what they want by writing strong offers and negotiating well.

Clients can’t fill all the gaps when it comes to the full process of buying or selling a home, which is why they need you, the real estate agent.

Don’t Be Afraid To Learn Technology, If Only To Better Communicate With Clients.

The advice that Arison would go back and give her rookie self would be to become a little more tech savvy. It is so easy to be intimidated by technology and tools and just ignore it instead of embracing it.

However, there are so many ways to communicate with clients, and it pays to know them well. You can use tricks and tools to help yourself become more accessible to clients and future prospect. Being able to adapt and being willing to learn new things makes you a huge asset.

Technology is there to support you, not replace you as an agent.

Be Consistent With Who You Are And What Your Values Are, And Anything Is Possible.

Something that Arison is most passionate about is being 100% committed to real estate. If you commit to this industry, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve. She’s always been an overachiever and believes that the only thing holding us back from success is ourselves.

If we can overcome our personal hurdles, and swallow the fear, we can reach our goals. She personally sees that confidence is the biggest hurdle that new agents struggle with. If we can overcome our personal insecurities and can be consistent with who we are and what our values are, then we can do anything.

Arison’s advice is to start by building a road map to where you want to go and figure out who you want to be when you get there. It might take some planning, but ultimately that will give you purpose.

Be Where The Leaders Are, And You Will Become A Superstar.

Tiffany and Arison talk about how sometimes being at the top, being successful and standing out, can be lonely. Their advice to agents who might be feeling alienated is to look for other courageous people. If you see people who are doing great, be great alongside with them, and let yourself gravitate toward others who are like you.

Specifically, seek out leaders. If you surround yourself with people who are constantly winning and doing well, that is how you will succeed. You can become a superstar if you are hanging out with and learning from other superstars. It doesn’t matter the industry you are in. Build your confidence and grow your business by being around other confident people whose businesses are already doing great.

Last Minute Advice

If you want to kill it, establish relationships and maintain them. There’s a lack of connection because of all of the tools the internet gives at our disposal. Too easily we hide behind social media and email and it can cause our personal relationships to suffer. Don’t let them distract you from having real connections with people (because that is how you get more referrals!).

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Arison Antonucci-Burns, REALTOR® and Broker-Owner

Aspire Realty

Arison started a career in real estate at Keller Williams in 2005. In 2011-2015, she was the top producing agent at her local office and top 3 in NW region for KW. She founded her own brokerage in 2016 called Aspire Realty and plans on growing it to 20 agents in 2019.