BreakAway Agent Podcast Episode #16 With Erik Schweitzer From Keller Williams Capital Realty in Helena

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On this Team Leader Edition of the BreakAway Agent Podcast, Tiffany Youngren interviews Erik Schweitzer. Erik is CEO, Team Leader, and Business Coach at Keller Williams Capital Realty in Helena and Keller Williams Northern Montana Realty in Great Falls, Montana. They discuss how to lead an all-star real estate team, and how it all comes down to an all-star mindset.

Not unlike other agents, Erik started out in real estate on a part-time agent. He made his initial entrance into real estate as a contractor, doing carpentry and construction. However, the thought of working the rest of his life with no real retirement plan did not appeal to him. Through his contacts and sphere of influence, he started reading books like the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series. It became a natural progression into how he switched from building houses to selling houses. Real estate became his source of scalability.

The real push for him became when he was injured on the job and had to take a break from the building part of his career. His mindset shifted then, and he realized that even if his arm was broken, he could still make money selling real estate. Listen now as Tiffany and Erik discuss how his experience has helped him grow independent agents. He also shares how to build powerful and effective teams with an all-star mindset.

An All-Star Team Starts With An All-Star Mindset

When Erik finally decided to make the jump into committing 100% into real estate, he decided to go all in. He got invited to a Keller Williams business class, which helped him build his success trajectory. By choosing a career with Keller Williams, he learned that he was able to really build his own business. He was also able to market himself independently and reach his goals with a model that has proven successful.

His all-star mindset and the tools made available with KW has helped him reach his goals and plan out his success. Here he shares with us some tips for how to build that mindset so that you and your team are effective and valuable.

Team Leaders Are Looking For People With The Right Desire

The biggest thing that team leaders are looking for is the desire to be successful and grow. You can’t teach or motivate desire into someone. If you have new agents come into the office with the desire to do whatever it takes to succeed, then they will. Keller Williams has all the tools to help agents learn and plan so that they can make a solid business plan and reach their goals.

Erik’s office specifically attracts people of all levels. He coaches new agents and agents who have been in the industry for the majority of their lives.

If Your Model Is Solid, Agents At Any Level Can Succeed

When you have a solid model, agents from all levels can learn how to succeed in this industry. Keller Williams model is particularly useful because it gives practical tips for top producers and those who are just starting out. They show you how to reach goals by breaking down everyday tasks. KW’s model also helps every agent or broker build an all-star mindset to run their real estate career like a business.

The idea is that they are taking steps every day to replace themselves in the business so that if they step back, their business is still running and growing.

As A Broker/Agent, Your Job Is To Bring In Revenue and Build A Growth Model

As a broker/agent, your job is not only to bring in revenue, but also to build a model to help you grow your business. Usually, for most independent companies the broker/owner is the top producer in the company. How can you stay in production and fund your business? How can you spend more time building models and manuals to use to grow your team?

As a top producer and leader in your office, you want to make sure you are still focused on growth. You want to make enough so that you have the time to train your team members so that your business can grow even if you step back.

Being Around A Team Of People Who Are Killing It Can Inspire Your Success.

Nowadays, culture is a big buzzword, and for good reason! Real estate is a great industry for feeling like you belong and relating to people who have the same all-star mindset as you. If you want to feel like you are a part of something, joining a successful team might be the ideal spot for you.

Erik specifically recalls joining the Keller William team right around Christmas time. He says this has historically been the slowest time of year for him. He came into the office and joined a new team that was writing contracts and doing business. Immediately he thought, if they can do it, he can do it. Real estate creates a great environment for feeding off of success energy, and it can inspire your success. If you want to be apart of a culture that wins, then real estate is a good industry for you.

Time Blocking Directly Correlates With Your Success

Time Blocking becomes a crucial piece of how successful your business will be the future. Erik stresses the idea that understanding your schedule is very important. You have to have an idea of how long it takes you to do things and making sure you are getting the most important things done. Are you getting the right things done so that you will still be in business 9 months from now?

Understand the basics of time blocking and learn how to manage your calendar and live by the lists you are making for yourselves. Everyone has the same amount of time, it’s just learning how to manage it so that you are being efficient and productive.

If You Want To Be Successful, You Need Lead Generation

In any business, real estate or otherwise, you need lead generation if you want to make it. Lead generation is hands down the scariest thing in the real estate business. No one really wants to make cold calls or go door knocking in a way to grow their business. Part of Erik’s consulting and coaching is helping agents understand that there are things they can/should be doing daily to attract people to their business.

There are so many ways to market and bring in leads. Ultimately you have to be committed to growth and willing to do what it takes to stay in business.

Stay Learning Based

If your focus is always learning, you will constantly be growing and improving and ultimately you’ll be successful. Erik says that you will always be able to find people who have done the work and succeeded before you. Find those people and learn from them. Copy what they did well and avoid their mistakes. This is essentially where models come from.

If you find someone who has made it work, follow what they did. Skip the try-and-fail portion of growing your business, and find a model that works for you.

Growth Relates Directly To Leadership

For Erik, growth for his business comes in two ways. First, bringing new agents to his team office and growing the size of agents in production. Second, helping those agents earn more and grow their own personal business. For him, growth can directly relate to leadership. His definition of leadership is broken down into how one person can succeed with the help of another.

Because he is not in production, and not competing with the agents in his office, he can focus directly on helping his team grow. He believes that it is his job to inspire and motivate and instill an all-star mindset into his agents. Because at the end of the day, he can break it down and tell them to get more listings, but if they don’t have that desire, they won’t grow. He helps them optimize their tasks and lists so that they can more effectively reach their goals and get their jobs done.

How Is Your Office Succeeding In A Slow Market?

The real estate market is always up and down. How is your office helping agents succeed during down cycles? There are things that offices can do to keep their business sustainability to help them make sure they are growing and making money during the slow cycles. If you’re a good agent, then a slow market trend means you will stand out when everyone else is failing.

As long as you’re willing to learn and work hard, then no matter what the market is doing, you will still have a strong business. In a down market, then the models you’ve been building and the education you’ve spent time on really comes into play. The value that you provide as an agent or as a real estate team is what will set you apart when the market goes from great to not so good.

Stay Curious and Look For The Good In Everything

Especially in a cutthroat industry, stay in curiosity and look for the good in everything. At so many points in life, we have a choice. We can take the route of judgment, or we can stay in curiosity and dive deep into questions. The point is that we should be seeking to understand the people and circumstances around us before we jump to conclusions.

If you want to be an all-star in this industry, it starts with an all-star mindset. Start by finding successful people who you can learn from, and use their models to help you build your own plan for success.

About Our BreakAway Guest

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Erik Schweitzer, CEO, Team Leader, and Business Coach

Keller Williams Capital Realty in Helena, Northern Montana Realty in Great Falls, Montana

Born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains of central Pennsylvania, Erik first came to Montana while enrolling at the University of Montana in Missoula. He is now CEO, Team Leader, and Business Coach at Keller Williams Capital Realty in Helena and Keller Williams Northern Montana Realty in Great Falls, Montana.